Bitcoin Mining on a Shoestring Budget

A Publication by From the Rockies LLC

A professional guide, written for novices, beginniners, and everyday web users who want to learn how to mine Bitcoin and even some other coins -- on a shoestring budget, and, without owning ANY mining rigs, not one!

This is a step-by-step guide that covers the "golden crypto rules" that will keep people safe as well the detailed instructions on how to setup an exchange wallet, mining account, how to fund your mining account, starting a mining task, and how to move any rewards found from the mining service back to your bank account. If you have ZERO mining experience but want to get started correctly with minimum expenses, this is what you need to read.

Best of all - you don't need to buy any hardware, plug anything in, or spend money on electricity for this kind of mining.

This is not one of those goofy "get paid to watch ads" or "earn while you sleep" nonsense guides. This guide covers real mining, real account set-up procedures, explains the importance of "KYC", as well as how to do it right from the beginning.

With as little as $3.00 to $325.00 you can successfully mine a Bitcoin block or a block of any of the above-mentioned coins. And YES, Bitcoin blocks have been found on the bottom end ($3) as well as the top end ($325). What are the rewards for finding a block? As of July 2023, how about $189,000 plus mining fees. That's right.

This guide was written by a Bitcoin miner who has been mining since 2009 (on a desktop PC in 2009) and is still mining today both with hardware-based miners and rental-miners - and successfully mined blocks along the way. Even recent success due to knowing "how to mine" and how to keep safe.

Worth every penny especially if you want to get mining fast and use maximum leverage to achieve results.

This guide will be updated frequently to cover other mining services, mining tasks, and best practices to help you move further into mining as you become an expert. There is no cost to come back to the guide to learn what's new.

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